A #BurnInBook Moment is a marker for when a trend, scene or tech from the book plays out in the real world. You can post your own moment or review with the hashtag #BurnInBook

“AI and robots fuel new job displacement fears”

Your #BurnInBook coming true moment of the day

Air Taxis soon to connect downtowns to airports, for wealthier fliers

Another #BurnInBook moment come true

“PwC partners with ‘Harvey’, the chatbot lawyer”

alternative headline:
“AI replaces corporate lawyer jobs.”


Another #BurnInBook moment come true…

Like a lot of elements in #BurnInBook (such as violent extremism), the speed of #AI’s transformation of work is coming at us faster than we are ready for – and even I expected.

Just ask Jared…


Robo-Dogs To Patrol Base

Your #BurnInBook come true moment of the day

“Many [city water facilities] don’t even have basic cybersecurity practices in place, as a result the water sector, a critical infrastructure sector to the United States, is at risk of cyberattacks.”

As any reader of #BurnInBook knew

“Opinion: Is it time to start considering personhood rights for AI chatbots?”

Your #BurnInBook moment of the day…

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