A #BurnInBook Moment is a marker for when a trend, scene or tech from the book plays out in the real world. You can post your own moment or review with the hashtag #BurnInBook

“The goal: figuring out not just the limits of the technology, but what concepts of operation actually work and how soldiers will interact naturally with their new robotic comrades in arms.”
#BurnInBook moment

Oakland cops hope to arm robots with shotguns https://interc.pt/3Tocb8Y by @samfbiddle

Another #BurnInBook moment, made real

Man gets $21,000 in gift cards by exploiting gun buyback program by using a 3D printer to make firearm parts in bulk.

#BurnInBook tech made real

Biden team to next focus on communications, water, and health care sectors for new cybersecurity rules.
Good move, long overdue

A key lesson in #BurnInBook was to start moving on other critical infrastructure sectors beyond the obsession with power grid.

A robot testified at Britain’s House of Lords — then had a breakdown
#BurnInBook moment

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